Why should I start BLW?

Nutrition: At the age of 6 months the baby needs more than his mother’s milk or milk supplements. It doesn’t provide enough macronutrients like Iron and Zinc. Low levels of Iron and Zinc can damage the baby’s motor and cognitive development and immune system. That’s why from the age of 6 months its important the baby’s diet should supply nutritional foods. Baby Led Weaning focuses on making the baby’s nutrition-rich and nourishing.

A part of the family meal: in BLW the baby gets to eat the same food as the rest of the family. They get smaller portions without salt and sugar. The baby feeds himself with hands or utensils that are tailored for the method. With BLW the baby will learn that eating reduces their hunger level. They will also practice eating a healthy lifestyle with among family.

Boosting skills: one of the biggest advantages of BLW is that it develops eye-hand coordination. developing this skill will make the baby more independent. Also, it lets the parent to actually eat instead of running the meal. A double win!
Improving the baby’s flavor palette: babies that fed in the BLW method are less likely to be picky eaters. The approach exposes them to different food textures and a variety of flavors from a young age.

Last but not least, BLW reduces the risk of obesity! Research shows that babies fed by the approach are less likely to be obese. They experiment with self-control from a young age. Therefore, they are more aware of their feelings of satiation.

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