Tips for Parents on Dealing with Baby/Kids Food Allergies

As a parent, there is nothing scarier than having your child suffer from a food allergy. You don’t know when the food allergy could strike and in what form it may strike.
We know one 2-year old in Los Angeles who succumbed to her death from a panic attack because of a peanut allergy. Her parents, unfortunately, had no clue that she was allergic to peanut butter and were completely helpless, not knowing what to do in the situation.
As a parent, you must figure out a way to feed your baby or toddler safely at home. This is a constant challenge for sure, but you have to find a way to deal with it.
Here are tips for parents on dealing with baby/kids’ food allergies.

#1: Forget about what your child cannot eat – make a list of all the foods they can eat.

This is very important. When you start to figure out all the foods that your child may be allergic too, there is really no end to it. You will always be concerned and stressed every time you feed your child something.
Instead, make a list of all the foods that your child can eat without any problem. Think about the simple foods such as carrots, meat, bananas, potatoes, tomatoes, oranges, etc.
There are some safe foods that are not known to cause any sort of allergic reaction in kids. Feed your child with that and nothing else. Stick to the basics, always.
When you know which foods are good and safe, you will also know which foods are risky. Generally foods such as milk, eggs, nuts, and fish are known to cause allergic reaction in kids.
Introduce your toddler to these foods slowly – only when you are 100% sure that there is no allergic reaction of any sort, only then you may make these foods a part of his or her staple diet.

#2: Do your research.

Who said parenting was easy? As a parent you have to be extra vigilant. This means doing your research, reading books, websites, blogs and academic papers on food allergies in children.
In particular, we suggest reading the articles and research papers on Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network, a non-profit dedicated to helping people with food allergies.
Be up to date with the latest research material. Join online communities of parents that have similar problems – kids with food allergies. The best advice you’re going to get is from other parents, as mom and dad always know best.

#3: Educate your child’s nanny or babysitter about food allergies.

One of the greatest risks a parent takes is to leave their child under the care of a nanny or babysitter, especially when they are allergic to certain types of foods.
To be sure, hire an experienced nanny or babysitter, one who is used to taking care of toddlers or small children. Talk to them about the different types of foods that your child is allergic to and why it is absolutely important to avoid those sorts of foods when the baby is around.

#4: Buy the right sort of baby/toddler feeding equipment.

We make specialized equipment such as silicone suction plates for babies and toddlers that stick to the table, which help manage fussy eating and messy eating. We also make silicone baby feeding sets with silicone bib and silicone spoon.
Since these suction plates, baby feeding sets, bibs and spoons are made from silicone, they are 100% safe. They are completely non-toxic, lead-free and BPA-free.
Do have a look at our online catalogue of silicone suction plates for toddlers, silicone baby feeding sets with silicone bib and silicone spoon and more. We guarantee fast shipping and certain delivery, no matter where you’re in the world.

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