Bonding with Your Baby Through Shared Food

You may find it cool and convenient to give food to your baby while the baby is watching cartoons and you are doing some other household chores or simply scrolling your phone. But remember: mealtimes need to be fun-filled family times. They are the best times to bond with your baby and work on not […]

Baby-Led Weaning: How and When to Begin

You may be inspired by the baby-led weaning approach but are having a hard time giving it a start. Worry not! Here is a guide with simple easy tips to help you get started with the baby-led weaning method. A study on 216 Spanish parents with babies 0-6 months old found 98.6% of the parents […]

Baby-Led Weaning Basics

Baby-led weaning, or baby-led feeding, is an approach to introducing solid foods to your baby whereby spoon-feeding and purees are skipped in favor of finger foods that babies can eat on their own. In this way, the parents and caregivers follow the baby’s lead. This method makes it possible for parents to bypass the idea […]