Silicone Placemats – 2 Pack


Optimal Solution: Let your kiddo gain independence from a very early age with the help of our amazing baby placemat! Allows your little angel to eat on his own without making a mess.


Safe and Proper: Our sticky mats for toddlers are made entirely out of silicone, a BPA-free material that is safe to use and doesn’t contain any harmful particles. The silicone mats are super easy to clean in the dishwasher to save precious time with your kiddo.


Practical and Convenient: What makes our baby placemat special is its non-slip surface that also prevents any bowl or plate from moving around. This helps you avoid any mess created by your learning kid, while also teaching him to be more disciplined. The kids placemats non slip have a sticky side that works on virtually any surface.


Chic and Cool: The set includes 2 baby placemats designed for either girls or boys in blue and green or pink and grey. The baby placemats that stick to table have a cool cloud-shaped design that fits well on most highchairs or regular tables.


Lovely Baby Shower Present: Get this amazing set of 2 silicone placemats for toddlers non slip for your little one or as a thoughtful and practical present for future parents. Help your friends become amazing parents with simple and fun accessories that will make their lives easier.

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When it comes to your child, there is no room for compromise. That is why we work only with top quality materials and verified suppliers, which are guaranteed to deliver to our high expectations. If for some reason you are not entirely pleased with your purchase, our customer care department has got you covered!

Why is this product for you?

Our amazing set of 2 suction placemats is a must-have for any parent. Lightweight, safe, and super practical, these baby placemats are designed to help your kiddo gain independence by allowing him or her to eat by themselves, without having to worry about all the mess. The placemats for kids are easy to clean, durable, and BPA-free for more safety.

Some of the amazing features of this product:

  • Premium set of 2 baby placemats;
  • Sticky bottom surface for non-slip effect;
  • Cloud-shaped design;
  • Colors available: pink/gray or blue/green;
  • Made of 100% silicone;
  • BPA-free material;
  • Designed for boys and girls;
  • Easy to fit on any table;
  • Dishwasher safe;
  • Amazing baby shower present;
  • Durable and lightweight;
  • Ideal for highchairs and restaurants.

The baby’s lunchtime is fun and easy when you have our amazing non-slip placemats!

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