Product care

Our Silicone :

Our Silikong dishes are dishwasher safe or hand wash with dish soap. If handwashing let it air dry.

Removing unwanted odors from Silicone: In our years of parenting and R&D, we’ve refined a few methods for removing unwanted odors, and tastes while restoring the silicone to it’s sticky properties.

  1. Try using a rinse agent in your dishwasher to reduce mineral build-up.
  1. Dunk the dish in a solution of boiling water and white vinegar keeping a ration of one cup vinegar for every two cups of water. Let the dish soak for 30 minutes and then scrub with a soft sponge. This solution can be used regularly without fear of harming the dish. Make sure to rinse and dry thoroughly.
  1. Coat the dish with a solution of white vinegar and baking soda with a ratio of one tbsp. of white vinegar to two tbsp. of baking soda. Then allow the dish to sit overnight. Then rinse and dry thoroughly.

Our Bibs

Dishwasher safe. Prior to washing, rinse out any excess or left over food, flip the bib pocket inside out, and attach the neck closure. Do not use bleach or non chlorine bleach additives. Any dish soap is acceptable. To avoid leftover smell more stubborn foods often leave, simply boil and sterilize the bib.



Our utensils : Dishwasher safe.

Our placemats : Dishwasher safe.

Our plates : Dishwasher safe.

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