Pasta Salad, Avocado Mozzarella and Fruits

My goal for this meal was to mix different texture/taste food that he knows in hope of him eating the pasta salad that was a new food for him.
When I put the plate in front of him he paused for couple of seconds then he went for avocado/mozzarella/cheddar he ate almost all of it.
Then he tried kiwi and plum slices. He finished all the plums and only one slice of kiwi.
After I saw he didn’t show any interest in the pasta salad I started eating it myself and gave him couple of loaded forks, then he ate some but not much.
He mainly played with it which is fine. for salad recipe I don’t put the measurements because it really depends on your preference.
Veggie pasta + corns + peas + carrots + cooked chicken + green onion.
I used food processor to shred chicken, carrots, and green onion.
For dressing: avocado mayo + yogurt + lemon + parsley + salt + pepper + garlic powder ( no salt for babies under 1)

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