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Different Ways To Use The Instant Pot Trivet

Your Instant Pot arrives with a little metal rack, called a trivet. But a frequent user complaint is that the small handles make shifting things a bit clumsy. This extended silicone sling does the job and is great for moving stuff like lasagna, cheesecake, and hardboiled eggs. It’s dishwasher-safe as well.


Let’s see today how you can use the Instant Pot trivet in this article. From desserts to vegetables, we present you with the best ways to utilize it to cook heavenly food with a pressure cooker. 


One of our favorites accessories is none other than the long-handled silicone trivet. It is meant to keep elements out of the water.


While working with a pressure cooker, it is essential to use water equal to around a couple of cups. Yet, you wouldn’t want the water to get into your food. Could you think of a sloppy cheesecake? Disgusting. Well, this is what the trivet is made for – to avoid having soggy food. And no, not only is it great for desserts, it has many other uses as well.


Here are a few of our ideal ways to use the silicone trivet that will undoubtedly urge you to experiment more with your favorite foods and be extraordinary.

Cheesecakes & More Baking Requirements

Would you love a cheesecake having a mushy crust? Absolutely not. A springform pan is a piece of fundamental equipment to achieve a flawless cake slice. On the other hand, a trivet is crucial for getting the perfect consistency.

Contrary to using an oven, you require water to prepare food in this Instant Pot, which helps develop pressure. A trivet helps keep it raised and free from water providing overall, even cooking. 

Boiling Eggs

There are several methods for boiling eggs using Instant Pot.

You may use any – a steamer basket or the trivet to ensure that the eggs stay in place, don’t move too much to break, and are cooked to perfection.

The trivet also guarantees to make sure the eggs stay free from water while they cook, just like in the case with the cheesecake.

Pot-in-Pot Method

The pot-in-pot technique is ideal if you’re thinking of using the Instant Pot for steaming rice. A stainless steel pot, a glass container, or anything you think is safe and stable enough to take the pressure would work.

The trivet holds the pot over the water-level enabling uniform steaming and cooking. This method is perfect to excel in dishes like bread loaves, flour cake, lasagna, and meatloaf.

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Steaming Vegetables

Delicate vegetables don’t take a lot of time using the Instant Pot. People who frequently cook possibly know that veggies such as asparagus, broccoli, and cauliflower are cooked in a minute or two. Since perfectly steamed vegetables can still be a little crunchy, teaming them in Instant Pot is a risk.

For exceptional texture and the highest nutrient retention, use a trivet or a steamer basket to keep your veggies out of water. 

Pressure-Cooked Potatoes

Baked potatoes are a matter of the past. People love pressure cooked potatoes today since the procedure is pretty convenient, the timing is fast, and the outcomes are incredible all the time. The trivet makes sure they stay out of water so that the bottom of your potatoes doesn’t get soaked. 

Using the trivet, you can steam both – the regular potatoes as well as sweet potatoes.

Double Load-Up

A trivet also comes in handy if you like to cook two separate things at a time. For instance, you can use the pot’s lower portion to cook a meat gravy and the top one to steam rice. Set the timings and chill!

Or, use the pot’s bottom to cook potatoes in any delicious stock or salted water and the top of it for some marinated chicken breasts.

Big Pieces Of Meat & Chicken

Be it BBQ pork ribs or a whole chicken; the Instant Pot can get it done in half the actual time. A trivet makes it relatively easy to hold large meat or poultry pieces when you’re using a pressure cooker, mainly when preparing the meat and the sauce separately.

You can also prepare meat/chicken broth at the bottom by adding anything you like (such as herbs, garlic, etc.). and a beef brisket or a marinated chicken on the top using a trivet. 

With a trivet, it’s way easier to remove the meat out of the pot once it is done or partially done. You can then grill or bake it if you love eating meat that’s crispy and has some color.

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