How to Survive Baby’s Teething?

Teething is a normal part of a child’s development.It can happen as early as 4 months all the way until they’re 2 years old. Nothing is more gut wrenching than seeing your little cry out in pain while experiencing discomfort. Understanding your little’s increased levels of fussiness may bring about new variables is important. Teething will often result in little’s becoming a tad bit, to a whole lot of bit pickier when it comes to their foods.

This stage can be tiring at times. Planning in advance can help you overcome hurdles while maintaining an established routine.

What foods can help this stage?

As your little’s gums become swollen and more sensitive, this will make food time a bit more challenging. The good news is that there are many soothing and nutritional foods for your little teether.

A soothing snack :

1. Watermelon

Best when served straight out of the fridge. Loved by littles all around. The rinds are also a perfect thing for them to gnaw on.

2. Cucumber

This can be either cut into rings or sticks. A true classic.

3. Frozen Blueberries

A favorite choice by many and it’s easy to see why. Loved by both parents and littles, they are readily available and come in packets. Although they are far from perfect. Be warned they can get messy and may stain. So make sure you have a bib handy, or make sure to avoid this feed when they’re wearing their sunday best!

4. Ice
Lastly, we have the original no less effective than the rest. Ice has earned its place in the teethers hall of fame. The only problem is putting in a form that is easy and safe for your little to manage. This matters most in the early stages of teething. To safely sooth with ice we’ve always two different methods.

The first being a tried and tested method: Wet a cotton or fabric towel and wring it out. Once you wrang your towel out, freeze it. Absolute bliss for littles.

The second method requires a bit more engineering. If you can create a teething pop with things you have laying around .

Why teething tablets and gels aren’t recommended?

While it’s tempting to relieve your baby’s pain with a teething tablet or gel to ease their pain, it’s better if you don’t. Teething gels could contain Benzocaine and other ingredients that aren’t not safe for babies. Also, we don’t recommend freezing teething rings -they can be sharp and can cut your baby’s gums.

Instead try giving your baby cool or refrigerated teething rings to chew on. Another option is to wet the corner of a washcloth, and then freeze it. Another alternative is rubbing the sensitive area of your baby’s gums (with clean hands, of course).
We highly recommend talking to your pediatrician about other holistic remedies.

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