How to start my Baby Led Weaning journey?

First of all your baby should show a few signs of readiness:

Your baby sits with support and can lift his neck – enables food emission.
Your baby shows interest in food and tries to get his food by himself.
He opens his mouth to suck on objects like hands, food and inedibles objects like toys.
Your baby is alert or changes his facial expressions during meal time.

When your baby shows all the signs you’re ready to go. For this weaning approach you’ll need a few feeding tools:

Silicone spoons – the spoons have little holes to help baby’s in the self feeding process.

Grip handle spoons – help baby to keep his food on the spoon – making the feeding process more independent. 

Compartment suction plates – perfect for organizing your baby’s meal into different foods and for cleaner mealtime.

Puree cup – perfect for sucking mashed foods right from the cup.

Now let’s go through the basics:

Your baby will eat as much as it needs, supply the rest of the calories with mother’s milk or supplements:  

At the age of  6-8 months baby’s who eat complementary foods should eat solid foods 2-3 times a day. They should also consume mother’s milk or supplements. 

At the age of 9-11 months your baby should eat 3-4 times a day. At this age baby’s need a lot of energy for his development.    

Soft foods: Soft foods are ones your baby can mash with his tongue or his finger.If soft foods are too soft for your baby to hold, try rolling them with baby cereal or ground almonds. 

Food shape: your baby food should be a bit longer the your baby’s fist. Cut the food into a finger shape; make sure your baby can hold it in his hand and see it when he holds it.

Experiment with food: try to offer your baby a new food everyday. This way you can offer your baby a variety of foods and see what works best for him.

You baby knows when he’s full – if he’s turning his head away from food, closing his mouth or irritated when served more food – he has eaten as much as he needs. Don’t over feed him – trust his instincts and stop the feeding.

Good luck on this magical new journey!

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