Banana Bread, Quinoa and Cheese Muffins

Banana bread and quinoa & cheese mini muffins. For banana bread, it’s flourless so the texture it very different than normal banana bread. You can consider this an extremely healthy version – 2 cups oats – 3 banana – 2 eggs – 1/4 cup maple syrup – 1 tsp baking powder Blend everything on high […]

Oatmeal, Boiled Eggs and Blueberries

I used almond milk as the base liquid. Grated apple and smashed banana as sweetener. Walnut butter for added fat and sprinkled with hemp seeds.

Avocado Pesto, Kale and Shrimp

This is actually one of my favorite salads. A kale bunch, 2 avocado, juice of one lemon, and salt. Chop and massage the kale with the rest of ingredients using your hand and let it sit for an hour so lemon and salt make the kale softer. topped with cucumbers and strawberries. Mixed it with […]

Yogurt, Muffin and Egg Salad

Lunch was plain yogurt & cashew butter with strawberry chocolate sprinkles, apple & carrots muffin, and avocado & egg salad. For avocado salad: – 1 boiled egg – 1/2 avocado – Bunch of fresh dill – 1 tbsp avocado mayo – 1 tbsp lemon juice – S & P Cut avocado and egg to small […]

Spinach Egg Muffin, Butternut Squash and Dragon Fruit

Here is the recipe: Sauteed 1/2 onion with 2 mini portobello mushroom Blend 4 eggs with bunch of spinach, cheese (I had Italian blend cheese) And salt/pepper/garlic powder (no salt for babies) Add the mixture to muffin pan and cook for 25 mins at 350F. The rest of breakfast was sauteed butternut squash and dragon […]

Mushroom Patties, Broccoli and Raspberries

Mushroom + quinoa + lentil patties Steamed broccoli and avocado Mango and raspberries After I steam a veggie I mix it with coconut oil and some seasoning. Here is the recipe for the veggie patty: 1 cup cooked quinoa 1 cup cooked lentil 1/2 cup Parmesan cheese 2 eggs Bunch of parsley Salt/pepper/garlic powder Sauteed […]

Walnut Banana Pancake, Berries and Cottage Cheese

Walnut banana pancake for breakfast along with berries and cottage cheese sprinkled with chia seed. Recipe for pancake: 2 bananas 4 eggs 1/2 cup oat 1/2 cup walnut 1/4 tsp cinnamon Blend everything until the mixture is smooth. I used coconut oil for making the pancake.

Beet, Hummus and Goat Cheese Roll

I’m always trying to come up with new roll recipes because it is a perfect item for the lunch box. So this is a new one: -Beet hummus and goat cheese roll -Avocado, cucumbers, and tomato salad with lemon juice and olive oil dressing -Pineapple and dragon fruit – 2 medium sized beets * 1 […]