10 Easy Avocado Recipes That Babies And Toddlers Will Love

Here are ten ways you can prepare and introduce avocado to your baby or toddler. Be warned, they WILL most likely love it, and so will you! 1. Avocado on Toast Ingredients: One piece of lightly toasted bread Half an avocado, mashed with a fork 1-2 teaspoons of milk (for added moisture) Directions: Spread on […]

8 Strategies for Picky Eaters: End the Mealtime Battles for Good

1. Let Go of the Labels The truth is when we label our kids’ eating habits we cause problems.  Labeling your child’s mealtime habits will continue being resistant during mealtime. This will also unintentionally rob your child of the chance of accepting and enjoying new foods. On the other side – using positive labels also […]

Feeding your baby: 6–12 months

In short: After age of 6 months, breast-milk is your baby’s main source of energy and nutrients. You can add solid foods. Your baby has a small stomach and needs to eat small amounts of soft nutritious food. Feed your baby with animal-based foods, fruits, and vegetables – every day. At the age of 6 […]

How To Handle Sugar For Babies And Toddlers

Sugar always seems to bring out strong feelings and opinions in people. Everyone has something to say in the matter – on both sides of the argument. First let’s set the record straight – sugar is not bad! There are no good foods or bad foods. When sugar is a part of a diet, it […]

Worried your baby will choke during mealtime?

When babies start eating solids there is always a chance that they will choke or suffocate. Choking and suffocating usually to happen more at a young age. That’s because until the age of 6 months the Pharyngeal reflex is located in a very frontal part of the baby’s mouth. Babies that are Baby Led Weaned […]

Iron-Rich Foods for Babies in their First Year

When your baby is ready for new food other than breast milk, start introducing iron-rich foods. These foods are essential to prevent Anemia, which can affect growth and brain development. Iron-rich foods include: beef, pork, lamb, veal Iron-fortified infant cereal. Choose a single-grain cereal like rice cereal, before starting mixed cereals. chicken, turkey fish tofu […]

Why should I start BLW?

Nutrition: At the age of 6 months the baby needs more than his mother’s milk or milk supplements. It doesn’t provide enough macronutrients like Iron and Zinc. Low levels of Iron and Zinc can damage the baby’s motor and cognitive development and immune system. That’s why from the age of 6 months its important the […]

Tips and ideas for BLW beginners

BLW is a method where you let the baby eat on his own. Cut the food into a size the baby can manage with and watch him eat it. The major difference between BLW and traditional feeding is the order they learn to eat in. Baby Led Weaners learn to chew and then they learn […]

How to start my Baby Led Weaning journey?

First of all your baby should show a few signs of readiness: Your baby sits with support and can lift his neck – enables food emission.Your baby shows interest in food and tries to get his food by himself.He opens his mouth to suck on objects like hands, food and inedibles objects like toys.Your baby […]

Tips for Parents on How to Manage Messy Eating

All toddlers – yes, ALL toddlers, without exception, are messy eaters. If your toddler is not a messy eater, then he or she is an exception. There is nothing wrong with messy eating, it is just normal behavior in small children. That’s part of the thing that makes a child, a child, and makes them […]