BLW Travel Tips

BLW Travel Tips

Traveling with a baby-led weaner is easier than a spoon feeder as a baby-led weaner is more independent and you don’t have to spoon-feed on the road but just give the food to the baby and let the baby do the rest of the work. 

A study in Jakarta, Indonesia involving 13 mothers who had used a baby-led weaning feeding approach for six months found upon mother’s interviews and analysis that baby-led weaning resulted in the babies becoming more independent, and avoiding becoming fussy eaters. 

The more you make the situation feel like home, the more your baby will be comfortable and agree to have food while traveling. Here we are giving you some travel tips for baby-led weaning on the go so that you don’t get stressed out when you have to travel with your little one. 

Keep some finger foods with you:

Some finger foods options such as quartered hard-boiled eggs, corn cob, cooked tofu fingers, quartered grapes, dry crackers or O-shaped cereals, raisins, baby pancake strips, homemade cookies or muffins, small cubes of homemade cake or cake slice, cooked dry pasta, roasted veggies, avocado slices, freeze-dried fruit, toasted strips, cucumber sticks, and shredded cheese work well while traveling and create less mess. As you better know what your baby likes, you should have all of the baby’s favorite foods that you hope the baby will like and eat while traveling. 

Perishable foods such as boiled eggs must be kept with an ice pack to remain them fresh for long. If you have some frozen foods with you that need to be thawed, their cold container will help to keep other foods cold for some time. Whole bananas ad blueberries also work well but can create a mess so be prepared. You will know that with babies, it is never mess-free and it is better to let the munchkins do their work and enjoy their cute moments, and clean afterward with wipes. However, don’t offer anything messy to the baby while traveling in public transport. 

When you reach your destination, you can always visit the market and bring whatever you feel is needed. But there is another point that needs to be kept in mind here. Let’s see what it is. 

Explore your destination:

Yes, it is possible and happens many times that what your baby is used to and needs to have may not be available at your destination, so take enough from your home to make your whole traveling time comfortable. It is also possible that it is available but at some other place than your local place like at a pharmacy instead of a superstore so explore your destination well and become well aware that where you can get what your baby needs. Sometimes countries don’t allow you to bring any food so you need to be aware that what rules your destination has.

Get help and advice from parent bloggers and family travel bloggers who had been to this place already and you will find a lot of useful things. Vegetables and fruits are a great option always as they are available almost everywhere worldwide. But if you are traveling for long period, obviously you just can’t rely on fruits and veggies but need to give a diverse diet from all food groups. 

Give something from your food:

Baby-led weaners are used to having family mealtimes where you give them something from your food but just with some little spices like lowering the spices with your saliva before giving. It is also ideal during traveling that you give them whatever you are eating, just make sure it is baby-appropriate, and don’t worry about having anything extra for the baby. Like if you are having bread with curry, you can give a bread strip with a little curry on it to your little one or if you are having a roast, make its small pieces or shred it and give it to the baby. 

Introduce new foods to your baby:

Travelling can be the time for your baby to try new foods from another culture. If you don’t find what your baby is used to at that place, you can always offer what is trending there and what babies at that place used to have. Always make it a point to introduce your baby to these new foods and traditions and the baby will develop this habit of exploring new tastes and loving other cultures and traditions from the early years.

Keep baby utensils and cutleries with you:

Babies are used to their colorful utensils and easy-to-grip cutleries which they find comfortable to use and happy to eat with them. So keep them with you while traveling to not create an issue. Sometimes when babies don’t find their utensils or cutleries, they even don’t agree on having their favorite foods. Never forget to keep these baby supplies with you. Your baby may not demand them during traveling but you should have them to tackle any emergency action by your baby.

A silicone baby bib, washcloth or wipes, silicone suction mat, reusable food pouch, plastic table cloth, and travel high chair also helps:

A silicone baby bib of high quality helps to keep your baby clean and a washcloth or wipe will help to clean the hands after eating. If it is easy for you, better to wash the baby’s hands.  Not only at home, but a high chair helps during traveling too. You just have to invest in a good quality traveling high chair and make your life easy. A silicone suction mat works to keep the contained food in the place. 

Re-useable food pouches are not recommended for a baby-led weaner but you can use them occasionally like while traveling as they work great at that time. Keep them filled with your baby’s favorite foods and hopefully, the baby will munch on them on their own without creating much mess. If you are at a hotel, spread a mat, sheet, or a plastic tablecloth where the baby is eating to keep the place clean as much as possible and make cleaning by you afterward easy. 

Be extra conscious about the choking hazard:

As your baby may be moving while eating or maybe not seated in a high chair in an upright position while traveling or the road may be too bumpy or has too many turns that make the baby lose control of the food, you need to pay more attention to avoid the choking hazards. Keep the baby in an upright position in someone else lap if you are not using a high chair and keep an eye on the baby. Don’t ever give the baby food in the car seat. 


Baby lead weaning is easier than conventional feeding on the go. By following the given tips and planning well, you can provide the necessary nutrition and balanced diet to the baby while traveling and make your trip enjoyable for both you and the baby. Remember to not be too hard on yourself anytime, go with the flow and don’t worry about following any rigid routine or rules but let the baby explore the traveling experience too as it is also part of learning. 

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