Baby Led Weaning Guide and Tips

Baby Led Weaning Guide and Tips

Best First Foods:


: Superfruit stuffed with healthy fats and carotenoids. The dark green flesh close to the peel has the most phytonutrients.

Pumpkin & Squash

: Rich in antioxidants and vitamins and easy for baby to eat, even without teeth.


: Excellent source of fibre, potassium, and vitamin B6.

Sweet Potato

: Serve roasted or steamed chunks for a wallop of beta-carotene and vitamin A.

Stewed Meates

: Stew chicken, beef or pork in the slow cooker until incredibly tender.

Salmon & Tuna

: Fresh steamed fish (with the bones removed) delivers healthy fats and omega-3s.


: Packed with vitamin C and manganese. Serve raw or stewed and added to porridge or yogurt.


: Nutrient dense greens can be steamed and added to just about anything!

Foods to avoid for under 1s:


: Contains bacteria which can be toxic to babies under one.

Undercooked Food

: Fully cook all egg, meat and shellfish – no soft-boiled eggs for baby!

Animal Milk

: Avoid cow’s, sheep’s or goat’s milk until 12 months old. Stick to mum’s milk or formula and/or water at mealtimes.

Certain Fish

: Shark, marlin and swordfish can contain high levels of mercury.

Mold-Ripened Cheese

: Avoid cheeses like brie, stilton and other soft, mold-ripened varieties.


: Limit to under 1g salt (or 0.4g sodium) daily for babies under one.


: Avoid sugar or artificial sweeteners. Watch out for processed foods and juice.


: Avoid tea, coffee, soft drinks and hidden sources of caffeine like cocoa and chocolate.

Tips for Baby-led Weaning:

Remove Choke Hazards

: Cut grapes or cherry tomatoes into quarters. Avoid tough skins and always check for small bones and remove shells.

Be present

: Always stay with the baby while they eat, in case they need your help.

Cup Drinking

: If you’re breastfeeding, avoid using bottles. Instead, try a sippy cup or Doidy Cup.

New Era Nappies

: Brace yourself for nappy contents: Baby’s poo will change as they start to eat (and digest) solids.

Get Suction Plates

: Avoid your baby throwing the plates on the floor by using Silikong Suction Plates.

Invest in Bibs

: Baby-led weaning is messy. Get a full-sleeved bib and an easy to clean silicone bib with crumb catcher.

Get a Splash Mat

: Save your floors and stock up on wipes and splash mats.

Have Fun

: Remember that food before one is just for fun. Relax and help baby explore.

Baby-Led Weaning Essentials:

Suction Plate
No-Spill Sippy Cups
Suction Plates Set
Easy To Handle Baby Utensils
Silicone Pocket Bibs
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