How to Survive Baby’s Teething?

Teething is a normal part of a child’s development.It can happen at the age of 4 months – 2 years. It sure can be hard when your baby is hurting or feeling  uncomfortable. Your baby will get really fussy when he’s teething and he may become  a more pickier eater than normal too. Teething can be frustrating at times. Planning in advance can help you overcome the challenges while maintaining a routine.

Best foods for your teething baby

The baby’s gums become more sensitive and swollen which makes certain foods painful to eat. The good news – there are so many  comforting and nutritious foods for your teether.

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Why teething tablets and gels aren’t recommended?

While it’s tempting relieve your baby’s pain with a teething tablet or gel to ease his pain, it’s better if you don’t. Teething gels could contain Benzocaine and other ingredients that aren’t not safe for babies. Also, we don’t recommend freezing teething rings -they can be sharp and can cut your baby’s gums.

Instead try giving your baby cool or refrigerated teething rings to chew on/ Another option is to wet the corner of a washcloth, and then freeze it. Another alternative is rubbing the sensitive area of your baby’s gums (with clean hands, of course).

We highly recommend talking to your pediatrician about other non-medication remedies.

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